The Shipping Industry Innovates with New Fuels, New Engines and New Designs

Emissions regulation and higher fuel oil prices are driving change in shipping in this day and age. The future for marine engines, future fuels and new ship designs are key areas that are being worked on to help the marine industry to reduce emissions and to find greater efficiencies.

Starting in 2015 regulations that require ships to produce less locally harmful pollutants (sulphur oxide (SOx), nitrogen oxide (NOx) will be made stricter. This means that ships will have to either switch to different, cleaner fuels or have abatement systems installed. These systems will extract any harmful emissions.

The Shipping world is fast becoming a more complex place. New technologies and innovation play a vital role in the immediate and long-term future of shipping. New fuels, new designs and new engines are now becoming available. Any evolution will be gradual but already we can see changes happening. Most of the new technology that is being brought into operation has been developed for relatively small or niche markets (ferries and inland waterways).