Extend the Life of the Fleet

If your business involves shipping freight you need your transport vehicles to be reliable and have as little downtime as possible. Anything that keeps your trucks or the trucks of your carrier on the road longer is a good thing as it will save you money.

In a supply chain, every link is important. If one partner fails then the whole process comes crashing down. If the shipping company or logistics provider you manage fails to make on-time deliveries, you could loose the contract which would cost you a lot of money and in some cases your job. If you are a shipper who works with carriers or if you’ve outsourced to a third party Logistics Company you must ensure that you have a good collaborative carrier relations program so that you can make sure that the quality of the trucks used to ship your freight are reliable to haul your freight.

If you want to keep carriers or your trucks on the road for as long as possible there are three main areas that our needs to address or look out for if you are a shipper:

·                     Maintenance

·                     Efficient routes

·                     Train your drivers

1. Maintenance: To keep your vehicle running smoothly you need proper maintenance.

Ensure that you have proper tire inflation and axle-bearing service.

Make sure that your engine is well lubricated to help reduce heat build-up. Have maintenance crews inspect and clean radiators daily.

Routine oil changes are necessary because as oil in your engine breaks down the components wear and the friction inside your engine increases which causes parts to wear more quickly.

2. Efficient routes: Another way to increase truck life is to send them on efficient routes. You should ensure that your trucks are running the shortest routes possible to reach all your customers.

It would be helpful to use a master map of all your customers to ensure that your trucks routes aren’t overlapping when possible.

Installing a real-time tracking system could be helpful because that way you will know where all your trucks are at all times.

3. Train your drivers: Having a fully trained driver will also help to give your truck a longer life. A driver with a lead foot costs you extra money. Any unnecessary acceleration and deceleration can cause your fuel use to skyrocket and with the high cost of fuel this can cause an incredible drain on your profits.

Once you have this information you can use it to alter behaviour for the better. This way you can save fuel and drive efficiently.