Haulage Operators Wanted To Take Part in Fuel Additive Trials

Launched on the Irish Market is a new fuel treatment additive, which is said to increase fuel efficiency by up to 20 per cent, prolongs engine life and reduces emissions and harmful pollutants by up to a third. 

The Extreme fuel treatment, manufactured by Syntek Global, was launched on the Irish Market in January 2014. It is already delivering significant fuel savings.

The treatment contains a fuel catalyst (which is referred to as a "burn rate modifier"). This burn rate modifier reduces ignition delay, which provides a significant corresponding reduction in combustion temperature. By reducing the ignition delay, the fuel will react to combustion quicker which allows for a longer more complete burn. This results in burning more of the available BTU's of the fuel.

A more complete burn will improve the engine performance; it reduces harmful emissions significantly and reduces fuel usage. Enabling a more complete burn process means you use less fuel and consequently increase your trucks fuel mileage. This increases the available horsepower and tongue, therefore improving your engines power. It also results in less carbon emissions from the exhaust pipe. Less carbon build up means less wear on the engine, this can translate into fewer repairs and extended engine life.

To prove the effectiveness of this fuel treatment, Irish importer Brendan McCrann is looking for a number of haulage operators to take part in trials of the product. The trucks taking part in the trials will have fuel consumption figures available which will form the benchmark. Over the next month the trucks will be driven with the fuel additive and fuel consumption will be monitored. At the end of the trial the results will be collected and a full report will be carried on.