The Cost of fuel becomes a top concern for Pall-Ex members

The cost of fuel has been named as the top priority to be addressed in 2014 by Pall-Ex members. Members have claimed that the government does not does not do enough to support the haulage industry.

In a recent survey taken by roughly 100 members, everyone bar one person said that the price of fuel was a big problem. Respondents have said that they feel the government undervalues the role of road haulage in the economy.

Pall-Ex has estimated that that the current fuel rate of 58ppl for diesel costs hauliers up to £450 per truck per day.

CEO of Pall-Ex, Hilary Devey, has said “Transport is the foundation of a strong infrastructure. Whether personal journeys or commercial haulage, road transport leads to more money spent elsewhere in the economy. If the costs of products and services are reduced as a result of cheaper transport, the economic benefits are enhanced".

She has also said that a reduction in the cost of fuel would be good news for both local and national economies.