How to deal with road rage

Survey results show that nearly 40% of Irish drivers have openly admitted to getting angry whilst driving on a weekly basis. Every one in three drivers are expected to face aggressive or intimidating driving while out in their car. 13% of people have admitted to getting out of their car in order to confront another driver.

Road Safety advisor, Noel Gibbons announced that the most frequent aggressors behind the wheel are in an aggressive or antagonistic mood before they have even entered their car and are out on the road.

Mr Gibbons said" They see their car journey as a contest between themselves and other drivers who they believe shouldn’t be on the road in the first place".

To avoid putting yourself and other drivers at risk Noel Gibbons advised that motorists shouldn’t challenge other drivers and that they should keep their pride in the back seat.

It is advised that drivers become more aware of the actions that are most likely going to lead to a road rage incident.

These actions include driving too close to the car in front, slow driving, flashing your headlights, beeping the car horn, making unsafe lane changes and making obscene hand gestures.

Noel Gibbons advised members of the public to call Traffic Watch on 1890205805 to report any aggressive behaviour from drivers.