New Pallet Wrap Offers Up To 80% Price Savings

Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists (GVPS), a Gloucester based specialist supplier of hand and machine pallet wrap, has launched Fusion 33. Fusion 33 is a new machine applied pallet wrap that, the company has said, will save the users up to 80% of their pallet wrap costs..

Golden Valley has said not only will Fusion 33 reduce costs per pallet wrapped, the materials inherent strength means it offers exceptional pallet retention capability.

Martyn Sumner, Managing Director of GVPS stated that "Fusion 33 represents a micro technology advancement that will deliver substantial stretch efficiencies in excess of any other substrate on the market which means less wrapping is needed to achieve optimum palletised load stability"

"There are plenty of films available on the market that allow pallets to be wrapped cheaply but many of them will not protect a load which is subjected to more that 10kilos of force".

Fusion 33 also means that its users experience less pallet-wrap machinery downtime: the greater yield per roll means the frequency with which a roll of machine-applied wrap has to be changed is greatly reduced.

GVPS has offered to undertake a personalised packaging health check service to help businesses compare their existing films performance against Fusion 33 and demonstrating the guaranteed actual costs savings users will make by adopting Fusion 33 into their supply chain process.