How to save up to 75% on haulage, shipping and delivery services?

See our 1-minute video that explains how you can save up to 75% on haulage, shiping and delivery service. It's that easy!

Have you spent hours looking for an affordable and reliable transport service? Are you tired of time-consuming phone calls? Do you need to get the cheapest price possible?

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LogiDeals is an online platform that matches affordable and reliable transport companies with people like you!

Here is how it works!

Meet Tony. Tony has just purchased a new sofa for his grandmother, and is looking to deliver it to his grandmother’s city… or better yet, right to her living room!

Tony simply goes to, enters information about his delivery and makes a public listing on LogiDeals!

Meanwhile, carriers looking to maximize their loads and avoid empty runs, can see hundreds of listings by people like Tony. And because they go along the route anyway, they can make very competitive offers!

That way, Tony gets lots of great quotes from different carriers! He just chooses the carrier with the best price and rating and the sofa is safely delivered to his grandma’s living room, making her life a lot more comfy!

So… do you have anything to move?