How do I search for available deliveries?

To search for available deliveries click on available deliveries tab and use our search engine. You can specify your search preference by different criteria such as route, category, cargo type, time frame and more. You can also save your searches criteria for the future reference.

How do I save my search preferences?

To save your search preferences, simply go to “available deliveries”, then type phrase which you would like to be included in your search. You can also go to advanced search and choose your delivery criteria. Once you have the results of your search you can then save them for future reference by clicking “save this search” button.

How do I add auctions to my watch list?

When you see some auction that you might be interested in, but you are just not sure if you want to bid on it as yet simply add it to your favorite by clicking a star link beside the auction.

Is my bid legally binding?

Yes, if you will make an offer and the offer is accepted by the customer it is not possible to modify or withdraw it.

How do I withdraw my bid?

Unfortunately, once you have placed your bid you can't withdraw it. This is for clarity and comfort of both carriers and our users.

Company Profile

How do I register?

To register your company click on “for carriers” tab and choose “Register your company now”. Fill in our simple form and join LogiDeals to attract new business.

How do I build my company’s profile?

To build your company profile log in to your LogiDeals account and start building your profile by adding as much information about your company as possible. This will make your company more visible to the potential clients.

Can I have more than one account?

Every transport company is allowed to register only one account, but if you need your employees to bid in the company favour, you can add them to company profile. This will allow them to bid on company's behalf.

How do I retrieve my password/ login

To retrieve your password simply click on to “forgot password” button on the login page, then enter your email address and press submit. Your new password will be sent to your email address.

How do I delete my account?

There is no need deleting your account if you decide not to use LogiDeals anymore. But if you would like to delete your company profile, please send an email request to


How can I communicate with the auction owner?

You can easily communicate with auction owner by using auction activity system located below your every auction. The contents of auction activity is public and visible to all LogiDeals users. Remember it is not allowed to swap any contact details with the auction owner, this might result in account being suspended.

Why was my message deleted?

We will delete all the messages which are breaching our auction policy. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you need about delivery but you can’t exchange any contact details. If you do so our moderator will delete your message and your account will be suspended.

Pricing and Payments

How much does it cost to use LogiDeals service?

It is free to register and create company online profile. We also provide free email notifications with available loads. We charge a service fee being a percentage of a winning offer. Fee is deducted from a deposit made by the customer befere execution of the service. Remaining balance is paid directly to your transport company. To find out more about LogiDeals service fees please go to Terms and Conditions .

Is VAT included in my offer?

Yes, you should make sure that your auction offer is final and includes Vat and any other expenses you might occur, such as fuel cost, ferry tickets, tolls, etc.