Company profile

Build your company profile to attract new customers and promote your company! Your profile will be visible publicly and to all registered LogiDeals users!

Easy job management!

Manage all your jobs in a unified way and in one place! Easily control all the auctions you watch, bid on or win. Enable your employees to bid, ask questions or comment on your company's behalf.

Detailed job information!

Get detailed information about delivery jobs listed by a customer including category, timeframe, dimensions, and others... You can even see each delivery route on the map!

Easy communication!

Easily communicate with your customer during an auction to get further job details, including photos. See the stream of all activities related to the auction in one place.

Instant notifications!

Get instant notification straight to your mailbox, whenever there is an important activity on the auction your company participates in. Be always the first to know.

Company dashboard!

See all the results of your company on the LogiDeals platform like activities, company opinions, total income and more... Everything in one place.

Simple search!

There's no need to make things complex... Over 80% of the time simple search will be enough for you to find deliveries within a country and to or from specific city, or just to find specific item.

Advanced search!

When needed, an advanced search is at your disposal, enabling you to search within a distance, en route, on specific category, dimensions and others... Use the power!

Saved searches!

If you find yourself repeating the same searches with same criteria, then just save them. You'll be able to reuse them with one click! Even more, you can be easily notified about new jobs meeting your saved search criteria.

Easy browsing!

Use three layouts of job listings at your comfort. The informative one, the compact one or the one on a map!

Watch list!

If you find a job that might be of interest to you but you don't want bid on it just now, simply put it on a watch list by clicking on a yellow star.


See every job route on a big Google map! You can even see all available deliveries on a single map to know how many jobs there are - and where those jobs are - that you may be interested in.

Multiple employees!

If you have more employees at your company, you may want them to be able to use LogiDeals on the company's behalf. It's just easy! Simply add them as employees to the company profile.

Activities management!

Do you have many employees at the company who use LogiDeals? You can easily control what is happening by seeing all company activities at one place!

Opinion tracking!

The opinions of your existing customers are very important as they influence new customers! You can see all the opinions that were expressed about your company at a one single place!