How do I list my delivery?

To list your delivery, simply go to Get a deal and fill in your delivery details. Remember to put as much details as possible, this way you will make it easier for carriers to give you best possible quote.

How do I make amendments to my auction?

Unfortunately you can’t make amendments to an active auction. If you wish to add more information about your delivery you can do so by adding a comment just below your auction.

Can I upload photo of my delivery?

Yes, you can upload a photo of your delivery when listing your auction or by adding it as a comment on your auction page.

How do I finish auction before end time?

To finish auction before time go to your auction page and click "Close" link.

How long do I have to wait for offers?

There is no time bracket for bids to be made on your delivery but it should not take more than few hours. We will let you know via email as soon as you get one.

How do I accept an offer?

To accept an offer just go to your auction page and click "Accept this bid" button below the offer you would like to accept.

Can I change my mind on accepted offer?

No, all bids made by the transport provider and accepted by the customer are legally binding for both sides which means that they can’t be withdraw or change without the mutual agreement.

Do I have to accept bid?

No, you do not have any obligation to accept any bids. You should accept the bid only if you are 100% satisfied with the offer. Remember to ask as many questions as you need before you do so. For example you can ask: Is your delivery insured? What is the insurance coverage? Is the loading and unloading service included? What payment methods are available? etc.

How does the auction activity work?

Thanks to auction activity you are allowed to put more information regarding your listing, upload additional photos and communicate with transport providers bidding on your auction. The contents of auction activity is public and visible to all LogiDeals users. Remember it is not allowed to swap any contact details with the carriers, this might result in account being suspended.


How do I contact Carrier?

You can easily communicate with carriers who are bidding on your auction by using comments located on your auction page, below your auction details.

How can I determine trustworthiness of a Carrier?

Our feedback system allows you to check a feedback score of the transport providers you are interested in. To do so, go on to transport provider’s profile.

What should I do when transport provider changed his mind about his bid?

In case of no contact from transport provider or the transport provider changing his mind you need to contact us immediately. We will try to contact transport provider on your behalf and if there is no response we will refund your deposit. We will also suspend unreliable company’s account accordingly.

What to do when my delivery didn’t arrive or arrives damaged?

It is very important to check with the transport provider before accepting their bid what insurance coverage the company provides. LogiDeals do not act as a party of your transport agreement and will not take any responsibility for loss or damaged goods.


How much does it cost?

This service is completely free for customers. When you accept a bid you will need to pay a small deposit via LogiDeals to the transport provider to secure your delivery. The remaining balance is to be paid directly to the transport provider. This is how you only pay the agreed delivery charge, no extra costs, no service charges!

I paid deposit, what should I do next?

Once the deposit payment has been made we will send your contact details to the transport company which offer you accepted so they can contact you directly to schedule your delivery and agree other terms.

What payment methods are available to make a deposit?

We accept most of the credit cards or debit cards payments through an internet merchant account. We also accept PayPal payment which let you send money quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account.

How do I pay remaining balance to the transport provider?

The balance must be paid directly to the transport provider. Payment methods are individually agreed between customer and the carrier.

Useful info

How do I leave a feedback to the transport company?

You can leave your feedback on transport providers profile when your delivery is finalized. Please bear in mind that your feedback will influence other people’s decision so be as much objective and honest as possible.

How do I retrieve my password/ login?

To retrieve your password simply click on to “forgot password” button on the login page, then enter your email address and press submit. Your new password will be sent to your email address.

Can I change my profile details?

Yes, you can change your personal details on your profile page.